Chris Hunichen v Atonomi LLC

Welcome to the Atonomi Securities Class Website

The information contained on this website is only a summary of the information presented in more detail in the Notice of Pendency of Class Action. Because this website is just a summary, you should review the Notice and Frequently Asked Questions for additional details.

Summary of the Action

The purpose of the Notice is to inform you of a class action lawsuit now pending in the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington against Atonomi LLC. The Notice is intended only to advise you that the action has been certified by the Court to proceed as a class action on behalf of certain purchasers and/or acquirers of ATMI Tokens and your rights with respect to the lawsuit. If you do not wish to be a part of the Court-certified Class (as defined below), you must respond to the Notice with a written request for exclusion by December 7, 2022.

The Class consists of:

All persons who purchased Atonomi tokens (ATMI) via a Series 1 or Series 2  Simple Agreement for Future tokens (SAFT) with Atonomi, LLC in 2018.

Excluded from the Class are: Defendants and persons or entities directly affiliated with any Defendant, and persons who affirmatively assented to the Atonomi.

The Notice is directed to members of the Class. If you are a member of the Class, your rights will be affected by the Action. If you do not meet the Class definition, the Notice does not apply to you. If you are uncertain whether you are a member of the Class, please contact the Notice Administrator. The Notice is not an admission by Defendants or an expression of any opinion by the Court as to the merits of the Action, or a finding by the Court that the claims asserted by Class Representatives in the Action are valid. The Notice is intended solely to inform you of the pendency of the Action and of your rights concerning the Action, including the right to request exclusion from the Class if you are a member of the Class. There is no judgment, settlement, or monetary recovery at this time, and there is no assurance that a judgment in favor of the Class will be granted or that the Court will award the Class a monetary recovery. Defendants have denied Class Representative’s claims and contend that they are not liable for the harm alleged by Class Representatives.


Do Nothing

Stay in this lawsuit. Await the outcome. Give up certain rights.

By doing nothing, you keep the possibility of getting money or benefits that may come from a trial or a settlement. But, you give up any rights to sue Atonomi or other defendants separately about the same legal claims in this lawsuit.

Ask to Be Excluded

Get out of this lawsuit. Get no benefits from it. Keep rights.

If you ask to be excluded and money or benefits are later awarded, you won’t share in those. But, you keep any rights to sue Atonomi or other defendants separately about the same legal claims in this lawsuit.

To ask to be excluded, you must act before December 7, 2022.


How do I obtain more information?

Detailed information about the Action is contained in the Notice. Additional information can also be obtained by contacting the Administrator by calling toll-free 1-877-917-0080 or emailing; or mailing a letter to:

Atonomi Securities Litigation
c/o JND Legal Administration
P.O. Box 91408
Seattle, WA 98111

Inquiries should NOT be directed to the Court or the Clerk of the Court

For More Information

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Atonomi Securities Litigation
C/O JND Legal Administration
PO Box 91408
Seattle WA 98111